March 21 2018 - 17:47

Imagine That?!? The World's Best Sliders Coming Out Of This Tiny Little Spot, Over Generations. Remind You Of Something? White Manna Has Been One Of My Inspirations For YESS. My Grandfather Took Me Here At Least Once A Month Growing Up. My Nickname For It Is "White Mamma"! I'm So Happy To See It Going Stronger Than Ever. They Deserve It. Here's A Little Something To Share: Multi Millionaire's Wanted To Invest In Me At The Expense Of Changing My Vision Of What THE YESS BOXING & BARBELL CLUB Is. I Said No. I Have Been Told To Expand, To Go "Bigger", Because Bigger Means Better. Almost Did... Until I Said No. Some, In My Inner Circle Wants Me To, I Continue To Say No. My Decision Is Not Out Of Fear. I Refuse To Make Decisions Out Of Fear, Out Of Insecurity, Out Of What Everyone Else Thinks. Ultimately, It's About What I Think. For You? What YOU Think. Stick To What Brings YOU Inner Peace. My Decision To Say "No" Had Everything To Do With YES. It Had Everything To Do With THE YESS BOXING & BARBELL CLUB, My Dream. I Will Continue To Honor It As It's My Peace. "I got angels all around me, yeah, yeah I got love all around me, yeah, yeah I'll be a fighter 'til the end, 'til my last breath I'ma hustle 'til my last breath I got tears in my eyes My dreams all I got and I'll die for it If I love it with a passion, I'ma ride for it". Home To The Real Life. Sempre Avanti (Always Forward). The Light In Darkness. Sacrifice For Reward Is THE YESS BOXING & BARBELL CLUB. THE YESS BOXING & BARBELL CLUB (ROSSI'S GYM) Is An Old School Boxing Gym. A Professional Skill, Strength & Conditioning Gym For Fighters. Here, You Will Find, The Real Life "ROCKYS". #yessboxing #yessbarbell #yesstraining #rossisgym #fighting #fighter #boxing #kickboxing #mma #bjj #muaythai #judo #karate #taekwondo #wrestling #strength #conditioning #numinousyoga #theyessboxingandbarbellclub #therealliferockys #hometeam #godfamilyyess #teamyess #ringside #goldengloves #boxinggym #strengthandconditioningforfighters #oldschoolboxinggym #brucelee #motivation