December 20 2018 - 20:46

Experiencing the pure freedom has been the best feeling I ever felt, but also challenging in some situations. This photo expresses pretty much what I’ve been doing in Laos. Riding the bicycle for ages through the most scenic areas. I need to admit, that it was probably the most uncomfortable vehicle ever, but the calming atmosphere in the town makes you forget a little about the pain you’re having from the seat. However, speaking about the freedom I was having, or still have, is such a unique experience. People say that they’re free, but then also saying that they can’t do this or that, because of work or whatever, which is a limitation, if you ask me. Being able to take new decisions every single day, over and over, thats what is being totally free to me. Going wherever and whenever I feel and don’t planning the next day or even the upcoming hours. Flowing with other people and emotions, staying in the moments for ages and getting soaked into places. - That’s something I’d recommend to everyone to experience. Take some time off from work, you’ll have more than enough in your life as an employee, trust me. Enjoy your life, you only got one. - #freedom #befree #purehappiness