January 13 2019 - 06:51

Given we have ✔️ off another wonder of the modern world with The Great Wall of China, thought I’d show you a few old ones! Found this photo of our 2010 visit to the Colosseum on Facebook. I have some of Petra as well, but The Taj Mahal was pre-Facebook era so I’ll need to search through albums when I get home. Quality not great but still an amazing experience and memory 😊 This photo was taken back in 2010 before we moved the family from Australia to New Zealand. This is Jamie aged 18 months and Charlie 4. What I remember specifically about this trip was how tricky it was pushing the pram on the cobblestone streets and the scorching summer heat. What made this trip even more special was we had Albert’s parents with us who had never travelled apart from immigrating from Lebanon to Australia in the 60’s. It was great being able to show off my parents’ homeland, and a country I lived in for a few years when I was in primary school. Kids loved this trip mainly because they had their Taita and Jiddo (grandma and grandpa) and because there was Gelato 🍧 on offer every day! #rome #italy #italia #colosseum #colosseo #wondersoftheworld #sevenwondersoftheworld #travelitaly #travel #kids #travewithkids #my3boys💙💙💙 #seetheworld #culture #travel #cultural #trvlfy #tripgoodfr #yololttw #speechlessplaces #iamtb #travelrepost @natgeotravel @unesco #worldnomafs