February 11 2019 - 17:03

• ART VS ARTIST • I have never posted a personal post, or a picture of myself or anything other then drawings/paintings on this page. Soo I figured it was about time, and I joined the very populare #artvsartist challenge. . . My name is Ramona Moldvik and Im the face behind the scene. A 22 years old girl from Norway. I live with my fiancè and a little Yorkshire terrier which is called Anika. Besides drawing, I love to take photographs and playing with editing them, and I work out 4-6 days a week. I have always been creative, and I’ve drawed, painted and soo on, since I was a little child. When I grew up, I loved to draw with a regular pencil, drawing portraits and stuff like that. And in 2015 I found fineliners, and my game totally changed. My style is called stippling and linedrawing. My drawing theme is basically nature and animals, but I love to draw other things that pops into my brain too. Art has always been my way of escaping the world, it makes every bad day a bit better. My big dream is to make a living out of my art, I know thats a huge dream, but that doesnt make it impossible! I am not taking commitions right now, I only do them for friends and family. And I hope to manage to do them for you as well very soon. And I just want to say THANK YOU, I am soo thankfull, and blessed to have so many amazing followers. Your support means soo much, and every comment and like from you guys is making my day ♡ . . . #fineliner #linedrawing #dailydrawing #inkstagram #art #inkdrawing #illustration #nature #linework #tattoo #artvsartist2019 #flashwork #inkwork #paint #drawing #inkonpaper #tattoodesign #blackwork #painting #tattooart #blackworknow #inktober #stippling #illustrationoftheday #tattooidea #illustrate #pointillism #dotwork