April 16 2019 - 12:16

Ogoh Ogoh, East Java, Indonesia Ogoh Ogoh Parade takes place one day before Nyepi, the Hindu day of Silence. This is a huge Hindu festivity all over Bali and East Java. The locals are parading along the roads, through the villages, carrying great Ogoh, Ogohs, playing drums, banging gongs. Something you will never forget. The Ogoh, Ogoh's are made of light materials: wood, bamboo, paper and styrofoam. They are contructedbover several weeks in each village. They are then carried on bamboo platforms through the villages joining up into one large parade. The Ogoh, Ogoh's represent mythological, evil creatures and God's to represent negative aspects of living things and critise society and it's latest issues. The name comes from ogah ogah, Balinese for shaken. The artworks are shaken and seem to move as they are carried. Some have multiple heads, carry swords and various other paraphernalia. The parade finally comes to a halt in the local football field where the Ogoh Ogoh's are ceremonially cremated. Some times quite difficult to do when it is raining. The burning is to banish the evil sprits and a way to purify. #ogohogoh #eastjava #indonesia #thebackpackinghiker.com #ontheroad #travel #asia #travelling #backpacking #hindu #ceremonies